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Знаєте що? ПИШІТЬ САМІ ТВОРИ!!! body {background: #383838 !important;}div {background-color: #383838 !important;}header,nav,table,th,tr,td,dl,ul,li,ol,fieldset,form,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,pre {background: transparent !important;}* {color: #B6AA7B !important;}a:link,a:link *,a:link:hover,a:link:hover *,a:link:active,a:link:active * {color: #B6AA7B !important;}a:visited,a:visited *,a:visited:hover,a:visited:hover *,a:visited:active,a:visited:active * {color: #D9C077 !important;}

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